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Pick Up costs depending on your location:







Please call us the day before the expected pick up on (689) 87 78 31 15

Pick ups are operated by taxis which are independent from the Lagoonarium, however you must book the transfer with us by phone (+ 689 87 78 31 15) to get the special prices below:


Destinations / Prices (one way):


 -Ferry Dock (Aremiti / Terevau):     2000 XPF

 -Cruise Ship Pier (Opunohu Bay): 5000 XPF 

 -Cruise Ship Pier (Cook's Bay):  3500 XPF 


     Club Bali Hai: 3500 XPF

     Fenua Mata'i'oa: 4000 XPF

     Hilton:  4000 XPF

     Hotel Hibiscus: 4000 XPF 

     Hotel Kaveka: 3500 XPF

     InterContinental: 4000 XPF 

     Les Tipaniers: 4000 XPF 

     Manava Beach Resort and Spa: 3500 XPF

     Sofitel Ia Ora: 2500 XPF


Comments (12)

1. Gina Oh 01/04/2018

Is it possible to pick us up from the ferry today, April 1? The ferry from Tahiti leaves at 830am. There are 8 people. Thank you.

2. LEE 14/11/2017

I want to book picp-up 14 NOV 2017 from Hilton MOOREA at 9:45 morning
So I try to make a reservation and I call you
But I heard you can not pick up at Hilton
(But I see you can pick up at Hilton in the your homepage)
Pleaee let me know if it is possible or not

Thank you


3. gabby 12/01/2017

Would you pick someone up from their vacation rental, not hotel

4. Jim F. 13/08/2016

Is there any way you can post step-by-step instructions for how cruisers arriving on Royal Caribbean's "Radiance of the Seas" on September 27 get from where the ship's tenders dock to the Lagoonarium. As Monte Malden pointed out 5 months ago (I don't see an answer to his question), your website says, under "Destinations/Prices," "No pickups...." Apparently, we are to hire a taxi. OK, but where do we tell the taxi to take us and how much will it cost? Also, will taxis be easily available when we need to return to the ship or should we (somehow) make arrangements for roundtrip transfers between where the tenders dock and where we need to go in order to get to the Lagoonarium? I'm pretty sure I could get a number of customers for you but we need clear instructions which I don't find on your website. Thanks, in advance, for your help

5. Monty Malden 25/03/2016

I'm maybe a little confused. Like Linda Koontz (above) We will be on Radiance of the Seas on September 27 and would like to expierence your Lagoonarium. You advised her to call the day before to book the pickup. But under "Destination Prices" it states that there is NO pickup from Opunohu Bay where we will be tendering in. So my question is, what "pickup" booking would we be calling in for ? We surely don't want to miss your Lagoonarium expierence. Respectfully, Monty Malden

6. John 18/09/2015


I am arriving on the Princess Pacific on the 9/26/15.

What is the best way to get to your location? I am traveling by myself.

Also, what should I bring with me and what is the cost and does that include lunch?

Thank you

7. richard 10/08/2015

Can you pick me up at the MOOREA FARE MITI‏ bungalow......if yes what is the cost

8. viviana barresi 22/06/2015


At 24/06/15 ( not 23/06 ).


9. viviana barresi 22/06/2015


Could you help me check is there any pick up schedule from sofitel ora resort at 23/06/2015, at 09.30 am? We are two people and we would like to visit Lagoonarium De Moorea at that day.

Sorry, we don t have international number and we can not call you for confirm the pick .

i attend your confirmation.


10. linda koontz 11/04/2015

We are on the Radiance of the Seas. We would like to book your Lagoonarium time on the 27th of September. Since we will not be able to call from the ship we would like some sort of conformation that you will be open and expecting us.

11. Xuanshi Zhang 09/08/2014


Could you help me check is there any pick up schedule from Hilton at 9/14/2014 yet? Since me and my wife would like to visit Lagoonarium De Moorea at that day and we are only two people.

Thank you!


matahi On 10/08/2014

Hello, There should be no problem, please call us the day before to book the pick up. Thank you, Matahi :)

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